​5"x7" acrylic, NFS

Got a Light?

12"x16" acrylic, $235

A Hopi Man

​21"x24" acrylic, contact me if interested

Hopi Morning Kachina

13"x13" acrylic, $250

Honoring the Part that Lives On

12"x16" acrylic, $235

Seeing Beauty in the Small Things

5"x5" acrylic, $75

Claire at Rengstorff House

​16"x20" acrylic, $275

Out of the Blue (Self-Portrait)

​12"x16" acrylic, $175

Wine Princess

​11"x14" acrylic, $125

Pueblo Dancers, New Mexico

​16"x20" acrylic, NFS


​12"x16" acrylic, NFS

Pueblo Girl with Olla, New Mexico

​16"x20" acrylic, $275

"Uncle" Marvin

​12"x16" acrylic, NFS


​12"x16" acrylic, SOLD

Graduation Day at Grand Canyon

​18"x24" acrylic, $375

People Paintings