To me, painting is a way of creatively expressing what’s going on inside...both my mind and my heart. Whether it’s an experience of beauty, of struggle, of love, or of pain, I hope to express that through my art. My goal is to have the viewer see and identify with the full range of feelings and emotions that life both offers and commands of us. We are creatures of contradictory experiences, not all light or all darkness...and that’s what makes life interesting. I hope to express an experience of transcendence of our situations and also to convey a sense of play and show that while life has its ups and down, we can appreciate the humor and mystery it gives us. 

Artist's Statement

My educational background is psychology and art, so I love to combine those two interests in my work through my Symbolic/Surrealist work. I love the beauty in our world and bright, bold colors express my passionate vision of the world around me, as you'll see in my floral paintings and landscapes. The southwest is a very spiritual place for me, so I love to paint scenes and people from that area. In my Mandala section, you'll see the results of a year-long project that I undertook to symbolize my passions and interests. The final mandala, "Integration", is an attempt to bring symbols from each of those areas into one unified, harmonious whole (an attempt to integrate my scattered personality). 

I’m inspired by artists such as Dali, Magritte, Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe. I admire them because they had the courage to share part of their soul with us. Their work not only shows depth and skill, but gives us something to think about and perhaps makes us reflect on our own lives in a different, more meaningful light.